IRIG 106, RF Technologies



Level 1: Manager

Level 2: Engineers (Basic)

Level 3: Engineers (Advanced)

Scheduled for:


2 x 3h

4 x 3h

Target of Course

Overview, basic understanding

Basic knowledge, able to

work with trained knowledge

advanced knowledge, able to design and maintain trained knowledge


Introduction to TM systems and their operation philosophy

Basic system design consi-derations, interfaces and operational aspects

Telemetry RF systems, their key parameters and performance, design & operational details and applied standards

Frequency spectrum & regulations



National & international (ITU-R) regulations, coordination of in-band services, role of the ICTS

TM transmission link



Data acquisition requirements, key elements, RF link design, channel capacity & quality

Modulation & coding



Continuous (FM/PM) and digital (FSK / nPSK, CPM) modulation techniques, signal power vs. bandwidth efficiency, inter-symbol interference (ISI) and OFDM, redundant coding schemes

TM components & systems



Frame specs onboard antennae and transmitters & ground systems, data acquisition & processing interfaces

Operations & test environment



Flight profile, interference & noise environment, local propagation criteria & countermeasures, target tracking philosophy, test & evaluation procedures

Applied standards



“RCC TG 106”, Chapter 2: RF Standards.Interference-free use of AMT bands, framework for range interoper-ability. App.A: Guidance on spectrally efficient ways of

utilizing AMT bands. App.M: Properties of a differential encoder for OQPSK. App.N: TM transmitter command & control protocol. Chapter 3: Frequency division multiplexing TM standards.



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