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1. The name of the Committee shall be:

European Telemetering Standardisation Committee (ETSC)

2. Sponsorship


The ETSC is chartered under the sponsorship of the founding organisations

Arbeitskreis Telemetrie e.V., The European Society of Telemetering, Germany

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (Panel 6.1) Germany

Sociétés des Electriciens et des Electroniciens (Club 17) France

Association Aéronautique et Astronautique France (AAAF) (Test Commission) France

Other European Organisations with Focus in the same field will be welcome to join.


3. Scope

The ETSC shall serve as a focal point to receive, review, coordinate and dissaminate information concerning standards, methods and procedures with relevance to Telemetry and Remote Control.

4. Tasks

4.1 Determine what standards are in existence and published

4.2 Comment on the potential impact of planned and existing standards

4.3 Communicate the industries and users need for additional standards

4.4 Study and establish new standards according to users need

4.5 Coordinate the review of new standards

4.6 To distribute copies of existing and proposed new standards and review documents to the telemetering community on request.

5. Organisation

The committee shall exist of regular members and invited members to carry out the work of the committee. The officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. To provide focus on special tasks sub-committes will be established by the ETSC.

6. Membership

6.1 Diversity

Adequate diversity of membership should be considered between Agency Users, Government Agencies and Manufacturers

6.2 Qualifications

The members must be actively engaged in telemetry and remote control related activities and possess outstanding qualifications in the related technical disciplines (e.g. telemetering instrumentation, data systems, communications, tracking).

6.3 Term of Membership

The members will be nominated for a four (4) year term. Renomination for additional terms is possible.

6.4 ETSC Members

The ETSC shall have a maximum of 16 regular members. The distribution should approximately reflect the number of participating European States. It should be made sure, that each European State participating in ETSC will be suitable represented.

6.5 Alternates

Each regular member shall nominate a permanent alternate in his own field of interest with comparable qualifications. The nominee must be approved by the ETSC assembly.

6.6 Subcommittee Members

A subcommittee shall consist of at least two ETSC members and invited experts.

6.7 Sponsorship

Each member shall ensure to meet the obligations of membership, including the time and costs associated with attending the meetings and necessary preparations.

7. Meeting Schedule and Quorum

The ETSC annual meeting shall be held in conjunction with the European Telemetry Conference each year. Further meetings shall be scheduled by the ETSC Chair if necessary. A six (6) weeks notice shall be required to call an official meeting. A quorum for committee meetings shall require a minimum of five (5) regular members or their alternates.

8. Delegation to the TSCC

ETSC will delegate two (2) of their members to the TSCC to ensure information and interest transfer between the USA and Europe.

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    In its third year, Space Tech Expo Europe will be returning to Bremen - a centre of space excellence. The exhibition is Europe's premier B2B Space engineering event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space related technologies and draws attendance from thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil, military and commercial space.

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    19 – 21 November 2019  Bremen, Germany

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