Tukom GmbH

Tukom GmbH

Telemetrie und Kommunikation GmbH

Am Eichet 10
86938 Schondorf

Telephone: +49-8192-997 09-0
Fax: +49-8192-997 09-09



The company tukom – our logo – stands for Telemetrie and Kommunikation GmbH. The aerospace and defense industry as well as government organizations obtain from us technical products, services and complete solutions for telemetry-, communication- and simulation purposes. We feel at home in these markets. More than 40 years of expertise in providing, selling and applying complex technical systems form the basis for our target-orientated and detailed consultation. Beyond our product portfolio, we offer customized solutions targeted to meet your requirements. The manufacturers we represent are from Europe and the United States. They form part of the most renowned companies in their individual sector. Our tukom motto: "You have reached your destination !" is derived from the navigation world. It incorporates our commitment to your success: Serving you the fastest, but most cost efficient way.  


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