Flight testing is the most critical and time- and budget-consuming phase of aircraft development. Within a short time reliable performance data of the new airframe have to be gathered; this includes structural, aerodynamic and flight mechanic parameters. Advanced optical measurement techniques such as those developed within the collaborative project AIM² (Advanced In-flight Measurement techniques 2, funded by the European Commission contract no. 266107) are able to deliver such data after a very short time, and in addition can minimize the installation effort on the airframe compared with classical measurement techniques. Furthermore they work mostly non-intrusively and are able to capture a large amount of important data in an area or over a volume at one instant of time.

The 3rd Symposium on Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques focuses on the presentation of the latest developments of such optical methods. Participants will get a good overview on what is possible with these measurement methods and will be able to discuss with specialists about any important issues concerning these techniques and their applications.

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27th Symposium of the SFTE European Chapter

The Society of Flight Test Engineers - SFTE for short - is a fraternity of engineers, whose principal professional interest is the flight testing of aircraft (fixed and rotary wing) and missiles. The objective of the Society is the advancement of flight test engineering throughout the aircraft industry by providing technical and fraternal communication among individuals, both domestic and international, in the engineering fields of test operations, analysis, instrumentation and data systems.

The European Chapter - SFTE EC - extends this association for the benefit of both Americans and Europeans. For membership, a rather elastic definition of the term "European" is applied.

The 27th Symposium of the SFTE European Chapter will take place in May 10th-12th 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany, in collaboration with the 36th European Telemetry and Test Conference etc2016.

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The 36th European Telemetry and Test Conference
“Telemetry is everywhere”

took place in Nuremberg

May 10th - 12th, 2016,

in cooperation with SENSOR+ TEST.



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For the second time the European Telemetry and Test Conference – etc2016 took place from 10 – 12 May 2016 in Nuremberg (Germany), in collaboration with the  SENSOR+TEST 2016.

Worldwide, there is no comparable platform to SENSOR+TEST / etc that offers such an intensive innovation dialog between suppliers of sensors, measuring and testing technology and users from all major industries. This cooperation provides in addition etc2016 exhibitors the opportunity to meet international customers from industry, science and research – from automotive industries, machinery constructions, electrical and energy industry, and of course aviation and space.


The etc2016 opening ceremony offered two recent highlights achieved in the world of aerospace telemetry:

Mission Impossible? The balance between Performance and Safety
(Mr. Fawcett)

BARRACUDA Presentation
(Mr. Frattini)


  • About 45 papers were presented in dedicated technical sessions by professionals of universities, suppliers and users out of the Telemetry community

  • 150 Participants from 22 countries all over the world attended the conference
  • the conference rooms were surrounded by an exhibition area with 41 Exhibitors and their staff
  • AIM2016 represented a dedicated technical session for advanced in-flight measurement techniques and sensors

  • Beyond the technical sessions, dedicated Working Groups took place: ICTS General Session (International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum), ETSC Open Meeting (European Telemetering Standardization Committee)


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